Catching a Leprechaun

Our second-graders have all the makings of becoming clever engineers in the future! Each of our students designed and built a leprechaun trap to (hopefully) catch one of those squirrelly little green imps. Most involve an elaborate system of trap doors and pulleys, while others have a psychological component to them. If anyone can outsmart a leprechaun, it’ll be one of our second-graders! Click on thumbnails below to enlarge.


New Staff Spotlight: Meet Sister Patricia Dunne



This week, we’d like to introduce you to Sister Patricia Dunne. Sister Patricia joined our MSS family in the Learning Center around Christmastime.


Sister Patricia is a Chicago native, so she’s no stranger to the snow. As a Daughter of Charity, she has served missions in Chicago, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and now here. She attended Marillac College in St. Louis, MO, where she earned a degree in Math with a minor in Education. She went on to receive her Masters in Social Work through Loyola University in Chicago.

She loves working with children because they “live in the present moment, they are quick to love and forgive, and quick to forget after they forgive.”

When she isn’t at the Learning Center sharing her gifts with the students, she likes to study genealogy, read, travel, walk, and be with friends.

Welcome to the MSS Family, Sister Patricia!

New Staff Spotlight: Meet Willie Riley


This week, we’d like to introduce you to Willie Riley. Willie has been with us as evening housekeeper for a couple of years and recently took over as day housekeeper when Mrs. Little retired in December.

Willie is originally from Medina, NY. He moved to the area in 1999 when he was looking for a comfortable place to live.

Before coming to MSS, Willie worked at Gettysburg College for six years. He has two daughters. What he loves best about his job is being able to create a clean environment for the children, and he works hard at doing a great job at that!

In his spare time, Willie likes to ride bikes. And don’t be surprised if you see him on a unicycle….it’s one of his hidden talents!

Welcome to the MSS Family, Willie!

#Snowmageddon2016 Couldn’t Stop the March for Life

The impending blizzard couldn’t stop the March for Life, and it didn’t keep Amanda Calis and Lizbeth Bull from being a part of it. Amanda (MSS Aftercare Coordinator) and Liz (MSS Teacher Assistant) braved the elements to stand up for life because it’s more than a cause for them.


“I’ve been going to the march for life since I was young, more than 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people and the energy and the love they have. It is a true witness of the hope we still have in this country. We are fighting for lives for both the babies and their mothers. It is encouraging to be amongst so many fighting for the truth.” Amanda


“I think it was amazing to see thousands of people in the snow, supporting the same cause. The weather didn’t phase anyone…it was the least we could do for the lost lives of the unborn. It meant more to me this year since I am bearing a child, I just couldn’t imagine…” –Liz

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Have you ever attended the March for Life? Please share your photos and testimonies on our Facebook page!

Book Picks for a Snowy Day

Snow Stories

There’s not much better than curling up in a comfy chair with a good book and a cup of cocoa on a snowy day! With winter finally making its appearance, we polled various students, staff, and faculty to ask what their picks were for a good read on a snowy day. You can see links to most of their choices on our Pinterest board, Recommended Reads. (Suggestions marked with ” * ” indicate adult recommendations.)

  • Geronimo Stilton — Bridget, Gr 2
  • Ollie — Camila, Gr 2
  • Harry Potter — Elizabeth, Gr 1
  • World War II books — Logan, Gr 8 & Kedrin, Gr 3
  • Princess stories — Eva, K
  • DIary of a Wimpy Kid — Justin, Gr 6
  • The Three Musketeers — Clytie, Gr 4 & Emmanuel, Gr 7
  • Indian in the Cupboard — Mr. Wivell
  • The Hunger Games — Sean, Gr 6 (seconded by Emma)
  • Any by Karen Kingsbury* — Mrs. Hahn
  • The Messenger — Lea, Gr 8
  • The Grimm Brothers — Lucy, Gr 6
  • The Poisonwood Bible* and anything by Sue Monk Kidd* — Sister Brenda
  • Double Fudge — Gianna, Gr 2
  • Hendry and Mudge — Sean, Gr 3
  • The Making of a Navy SEAL — Aiden, Gr 7
  • Star Wars — Logan, Gr 1
  • Chronicles of Narnia — EJ, Gr 5
  • Monster High — Makena, Gr 1
  • The Alphabet Series* — Senora Wahlgren
  • The Dork Diaries — Deanna, Gr 6
  • The Bronze Pen — Helen, Gr 5
  • Any book about planets, especially Neptune — Frances, K
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Everett, K
  • The Bright Side* — Mrs. Metts
  • The Girl of Fire and Thorns — Neoline, Gr 3
  • Big Nate — Finn, Gr 2
  • Sweetgrass* — Mrs. Myles
  • Tales of the Odyssey — Keegan, Gr 5
  • Cats, Cats, Cats — Annaliese, Gr 3
  • The Maze Runner — Quinn, Gr 8
  • Shoot-Out — Ella, Gr 4
  • Theodore Boone — Luke, Gr 6
  • Alex Rider — Joseph, Gr 5
  • Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas* or Winter Garden* — Mrs. Gebhart
  • Minecraft — Luke, Gr 4
  • Moby Dick — Isaac, Gr 3
  • Sons of Angels, Spirit Rider — Kailee Crouch, Gr 6
  • A Night Divided — Violet, Gr 5

And of course, our book guru Mrs.Monacelli had plenty of recommendations for all ages:

The Berenstain Bears, Choose Your Own Adventure, The Land of Stories, Fixer-Upper*, Janet Evanovich*, Robyn Carr*, Defending Jacob*

12548864_10206659503218867_398942326056307926_nEnjoy your snow day!

New Faculty Spotlight: Meet Kellie Marr

kellieKellie Marr joined us this past fall, taking over Mrs. Nell’s 5th-grade class. Mrs. Marr is originally from Virginia and Maryland, and currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband of twenty years, daughter Victoria, and son Craigliam. Rounding out her family are Ike and Gracie, beloved feline and canine (respectively).

Mrs. Marr followed in her father’s footsteps as an educator, and received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Towson University, following it up with a Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership. She’s previously worked at Carroll County Public Schools as a Special Education teacher and at Woodmont Academy as a first-grade teacher. She loves working with children because she’s a “people person” and enjoys “making learning fun”.

When she isn’t broadening young minds, she likes to cook, travel, golf, ski, and attend football games. Welcome, Mrs. Marr!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest 2015 – Cast Your Vote!

The students get to vote on their favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater and boy, do they have a lot of choices! Which one do you think is the ugliest? Cast your vote on our Facebook page and we’ll surprise the online winner with a treat at the end of the day!

The Real Cost of Education

Did you know that the cost to educate each student at Mother Seton School is $6442 per child? Yet, our tuition is set at $4950. That means before tuition assistance is even granted, each student receives a $1492 subsidy.


We could raise tuition to cover the actual costs, but Mother Seton School is committed to honoring the legacy of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, not just in words but in action. She believed all children should have access to Catholic education if their families so desired, regardless of financial means. We strive to make that possible for families today, which is why we have the lowest tuition in Frederick County.

chelsie-cropIt is only through the generosity of our donors we are able to continue to offer an affordable and incredible school experience, one in which our students excel academically, are encouraged to develop a deeper spiritual understanding and connection with their faith, and are appreciated for all their gifts and talents. This is why the Annual Giving Appeal is so important. It helps to bridge the difference between the true cost of education here at Mother Seton School and our tuition rate. Your gift to the Annual Giving Appeal allows us to remain accessible to more children without compromising our innovative curriculum or diminishing our outstanding fine arts program. It provides us the opportunity to reach more families and allows our students to thrive in a school environment that respects and treasures the whole child.

Joseph-Layla.3x2.jpgDuring this season of giving, we ask you to think about what it means to have your child educated at Mother Seton School and to prayerfully consider making a gift to the Annual Giving Appeal. We understand and appreciate the financial sacrifice many of you already make in sending your child here, but even a small gift–$5, $10, $25–would go a long way toward making sure the spirit of Mother Seton will continue to live on for future generations.



A Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer

At Mother Seton School, we are grateful each day for every one of you for your generous support and prayers. We have been blessed in so many ways, and our hearts are full as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends.

As we gather with our loved ones around the table this week, let us also give thanks to the Lord, from whom every good and perfect gift comes. Please enjoy this simple prayer to share at dinner this year. The graphic used is a 1914 painting by Jennie Bascombe, entitled “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth”.

Thanksgiving Day Prayer Happy Thanksgiving and May the Lord Bless You and Your Families!