The Spirit of Service is in Abundance Today! #CSW14

It’s the penultimate school day in our week of celebrating Catholic Schools Week (#CSW14). (There’s a National School Choice (#SCW) event on Saturday, but it’s not technically part of #CSW14) Yesterday, despite the weather delay, we welcomed our local Pastors, Ministers, and other church workers to join us for a special prayer service and luncheon in their honor. Pardon the cliche, but it really does take a village to make sure our youth grow into intelligent, moral, compassionate, and productive members of society. The support we get from our local churches (not just the Catholic parishes, either!) means so much to us. Lunch and prayer is the least we could do to show our gratitude.


Today, it’s School Spirit and Service Day. Your children probably wore their spirit shirts to school, but the Spirit we’re focusing on today isn’t limited just to showing our MSS Pride. One of the things that we hear often from people who visit our school is that there is an indescribable, but positive, feeling in the air. Warmth, community, intimacy, spirituality–they all describe what it feels like to walk through the halls here. But none quite capture the exact essence. The Germans would call it gemütlichkeit. We like to think it’s the Holy Spirit that abounds. And it’s the Holy Spirit that we are honoring today as our students perform little acts of service. For Jan 30 Spirit and Service 003example, the Kindergarteners are practicing their reading skills by pairing up with the Pre-K students to read to them. The 7th-grade is visiting the 2nd-grade to teach them the hand motions to “All You Works of God“. Each class will put the spirit of service into action today.

A great way for the whole family to participate is to extend Spirit and Service Day to your homes. Maybe one sibling can do something nice for another. Or perhaps they can serve you dinner for once. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; the point is to show love by serving others. It’s how we serve Christ.

The mission of Mother Seton Catholic School…is to inspire students to strive for academic excellence and dedicate their lives to love and serve Christ in the tradition of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Vincent de Paul

Let us know how your children give service to others outside school!


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