Encouraging More than Simple Sacrifice for Lent

Beyond Sacrifice: Simple Ideas to Inspire Children to Do More than Give Up TV for LentLent is fast approaching! Have you already been considering what you want to give up? Will it be chocolate? Fast food? Or perhaps Pope Francis has inspired you to give up the gossip. Sacrifice is one of the hallmarks of the Lenten season, and it’s one part that our children seem to pick up on pretty quickly.

But there is another part to Lent, the part that calls on all of us to also give. And that may even be more difficult to teach our children to do because it involves adding something to your routine as opposed to taking something away. Between homework and sports and piano lessons and Scouts, the thought of having to add something may make you cringe. But trust us–by the time Easter rolls around, you’ll appreciate the lesson this will teach your children. It will add far more meaning to the season than merely having them give up TV for 40 days!

Here are a few ideas to inspire you. You can find more on our Lent and Easter Pinterest Board!

What are some of the ways you encourage your children to really embrace the spirit of Lent? Share with us on our Facebook page!


One thought on “Encouraging More than Simple Sacrifice for Lent

  1. Reblogged this on A Common Sea and commented:

    Ash Wednesday is just a week away! I know what I’m giving up (gossip and negativity…wish me luck, I have so many temptations in my life! 😉 ) But I’m also going to add a few things and encourage the kids to do so as well. Here are some ideas for making Lent a little more meaningful by going beyond “giving up”. (Small disclaimer: I also manage the Seton Spirit blog from which this is being reblogged.)

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