Graduation Day

8th Grade Graduation-8680On Sunday, June 8th, our eighth-graders took part in their final milestone at Mother Seton School. These 39 students–whose grace, good humor, and compassion have filled these halls with joy for a decade–have graduated and are moving on to the next part of their life, arguably the toughest one. (There’s a reason people often say they “survived” high school!) But we have faith in our students–faith that they have received a strong foundation morally, academically, and spiritually–and will be prepared for whatever life brings them. Their lights shine brightly and there is no doubt that they will go on to touch other lives with those lights. And we must give our gratitude to you, their parents, for the gift of allowing us to be a part of your children’s lives and for entrusting us with their care.

May God Bless each and every one of our graduates and their families. Congratulations Class of 2014!

A Graduate’s Prayer
Dear Lord,
As I look toward the future 
Bright hope conducts this prayer, 
For I know the plans You have for me 
Were wrought with divine care.
Holy Spirit, lead me. 
Let me run at Your command, 
Yet be still and know that You are God 
When trouble is close at hand.
Your Word will be a lamp for me, 
A guide to light my way, 
A solid place to set my feet, 
A compass when I stray.
May I live my life to praise You, 
Not for fortune, nor for fame, 
May everything I say and do 
Bring glory to Your name.
May my eyes stay fixed upon You 
As I seek the way that’s pure, 
Tasting Your love and goodness 
Sleeping and rising secure.
Planted by Your living streams 
I’ll delight in all Your ways, 
Hidden by Your sheltering wings 
With new mercies for each day.
Even in a dangerous land 
When storms threaten to destroy, 
At the cross I’ll stand upon the Rock 
My Strength, my Hope, my Joy.
Dear Lord, show me Your favor, 
At all times keep me blessed, 
May Your face ever shine upon me, 
With peace and perfect rest.
–Mary Fairchild
To see pictures from the 8th Grade Awards Banquet and Graduation, check out our albums on our Facebook page!