The Real Cost of Education

Did you know that the cost to educate each student at Mother Seton School is $6442 per child? Yet, our tuition is set at $4950. That means before tuition assistance is even granted, each student receives a $1492 subsidy.


We could raise tuition to cover the actual costs, but Mother Seton School is committed to honoring the legacy of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, not just in words but in action. She believed all children should have access to Catholic education if their families so desired, regardless of financial means. We strive to make that possible for families today, which is why we have the lowest tuition in Frederick County.

chelsie-cropIt is only through the generosity of our donors we are able to continue to offer an affordable and incredible school experience, one in which our students excel academically, are encouraged to develop a deeper spiritual understanding and connection with their faith, and are appreciated for all their gifts and talents. This is why the Annual Giving Appeal is so important. It helps to bridge the difference between the true cost of education here at Mother Seton School and our tuition rate. Your gift to the Annual Giving Appeal allows us to remain accessible to more children without compromising our innovative curriculum or diminishing our outstanding fine arts program. It provides us the opportunity to reach more families and allows our students to thrive in a school environment that respects and treasures the whole child.

Joseph-Layla.3x2.jpgDuring this season of giving, we ask you to think about what it means to have your child educated at Mother Seton School and to prayerfully consider making a gift to the Annual Giving Appeal. We understand and appreciate the financial sacrifice many of you already make in sending your child here, but even a small gift–$5, $10, $25–would go a long way toward making sure the spirit of Mother Seton will continue to live on for future generations.



Be a Social Media Ambassador for MSS on #GivingTuesday



You’ve heard of Black Friday. And Cyber Monday. Now, there’s even talk of Red Thursday. It is ridiculous how shopping for sales seems to have replaced the birth of Christ as the focus of the Christmas season.

But there is an antidote: #GivingTuesday. Held on the first Tuesday after Black Friday/Cyber Monday (this year it falls on December 1st), #GivingTuesday is a global initiative to put the focus on charitable giving. From the FAQ page at the #GivingTuesday website:

What is #GivingTuesday™?

#GivingTuesday™ (#GT) is a movement created to celebrate giving on the Tuesday
following Cyber Monday. The third annual GivingTuesday is on December 1, 2015. In the
same way that retail sector takes part in Cyber Monday, we want the giving community
to come together for #GivingTuesday. We ask that partners create and commit to a
project for/on #GivingTuesday and then help spread the word to their networks.

What is #GivingTuesday’s mission?
#GivingTuesday™ is a movement that celebrates and encourages charitable activities,
volunteer opportunities and advocacy to support non-profit organizations.

Mother Seton School has joined the #GivingTuesday movement and we’re asking for your help in promoting our school and the #GivingTuesday mission.


Click here to make your gift to the Annual Giving Appeal

With our Annual Appeal now underway, this is the perfect time to remind everyone of the Spirit of Giving that has become part of this season. We invite you to become Social Media Ambassadors and spread the word about giving to Mother Seton School’s Annual Appeal. The Annual Appeal, or Fund, is what allows our school to exist: it provides funds for operating expenses, tuition assistance, facility maintenance, and much more. For more information on what the Annual Appeal is, see our post on the subject here.

We have set a one-day goal of raising $1000 on December 1. No gift is too small–a donation of $1 counts toward the goal and we would be thrilled to have it, especially if it is from someone who is not a regular donor. Will you help us raise $1000 on #GivingTuesday?

Here’s how you can help by being a Social Media Ambassador:

  • Share our Facebook and Twitter updates with your own social media networks. Use the link to direct people where to give.
  • Email your friends and family and ask if they would consider taking a dollar or two of the money they saved when shopping those deep discounts and donating to us.
  • Upload an “UNselfie” to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtags: #UNselfie, #GivingTuesday, and #MSS. What is an UNselfie?


Click here for examples of #UNselfies

To download #UNselfie templates, visit our graphics page.

Watch our Facebook page beginning on Black Friday. We’ll be posting status updates for you to share on your own pages from Friday through Tuesday, December 1. Help us reach our goal by 11:59pm on December 1! With your support, we know we can rock this campaign!

The Annual Appeal (a.k.a. “Why should I give you more money?”)

AA15-logoWe are knee-deep in the Annual Appeal. By now, you’ve received the mailing and the emails, all of which express (we hope) just how important your contribution to the Annual Appeal is. And perhaps you have already made your donation.

But if you haven’t, and if you are wondering why we ask for a contribution from our families in addition to the tuition and fees that you already pay, allow us to take a moment to explain:

What is the Annual Appeal?

The Annual Appeal, also known as an Annual Fund, is comprised of contributions made directly to the school and which go towards off-setting our operating expenses. We have the most affordable tuition in the area at approximately $4950 per child (in comparison, consider that St. John’s Regional in Frederick costs $6600-$9000 for one child, depending on grade level), because we hold true to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s mission to make Catholic education accessible to all regardless of financial means. But because we try to keep tuition costs low, that means tuition alone does not cover the cost per pupil to run the school, which is $6642 per student per year. So we seek other means to close the gap.

Why is it so important for families to contribute?

We apply for many grants throughout the year that cover the cost of some of our programs and equipment. For example, it was a technology grant that we were awarded that made it possible to institute mobile laptop computing for the classrooms. One of the things that most foundations require as part of the application process is that we show significant participation in our Annual Appeal from our current families, faculty, and staff. They want to see that our community demonstrates a vested interest in the school. The amount donated is not important; but to be able to show 100% participation is. So even if it’s just a dollar that you can spare, please help us by participating.

I already gave money to the H.S.A. Doesn’t that count?

We are so thankful to our Home and School Association (H.S.A.) for their efforts in raising money for our school. The fundraisers they hold, including the Raffle and Vera Bradley Bingo, generate proceeds that are used to supplement field trips, purchase extra classroom materials, sponsor First Eucharist and Graduation celebrations, and pay for special programs throughout the year. Proceeds raised by the H.S.A. go directly to the school, but do not go towards our operating expenses. Without the H.S.A., our students wouldn’t have many of the fun and educational opportunities they do, and without the Annual Appeal, we would not have the funds we require to continue operating the school.

You’ve convinced me. But I lost my giving envelope. How do I make sure that my contribution counts?

We have several ways that you can make a gift to the Annual Appeal:

  • Send a check in to the school in an envelope marked “Annual Appeal”
  • Visit the following link: or click on the button below.
  • Click on the “Support MSS” tab on our website

If you wish, your donation can remain anonymous. However, if you do choose anonymity, please let Jennifer in the Advancement Office (jbuchheister(at) know that you made a contribution so we can count you towards our Family Participation goal.

Thank you for choosing Mother Seton School for your children, and thank you for the support you continue to give each year!