#Snowmageddon2016 Couldn’t Stop the March for Life

The impending blizzard couldn’t stop the March for Life, and it didn’t keep Amanda Calis and Lizbeth Bull from being a part of it. Amanda (MSS Aftercare Coordinator) and Liz (MSS Teacher Assistant) braved the elements to stand up for life because it’s more than a cause for them.


“I’ve been going to the march for life since I was young, more than 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people and the energy and the love they have. It is a true witness of the hope we still have in this country. We are fighting for lives for both the babies and their mothers. It is encouraging to be amongst so many fighting for the truth.” Amanda


“I think it was amazing to see thousands of people in the snow, supporting the same cause. The weather didn’t phase anyone…it was the least we could do for the lost lives of the unborn. It meant more to me this year since I am bearing a child, I just couldn’t imagine…” –Liz

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What’s It Worth to You?

Your child’s education, that is. Like almost all parents, it’s probably priceless to you. But to the State of Maryland? It’s worth $92. That’s right, $92. That is what Maryland spends annually per private school student in the form of textbook grants and school improvements. That’s compared to the $11,500 per public school student that the state spends. Comparatively speaking, Pennsylvania spends approximately $1400 per private school student in the form of tax credits, transportation assistance, and textbook grants.

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The Maryland Education Credit, if passed, would provide funds to non-profit Student Assistance Organizations (SAO) that provide scholarships and financial assistance to both public and private school students. It encourages private enterprise to invest in schools. Businesses that donate to SAO would receive a 60% tax credit up to $200,000. This would go a long way to helping alleviate the burden on parents who only want to make sure their kids receive the best education possible, be it public or private. The cost to taxpayers is capped at $2 million; considering how much money is saved per private school student, the state could receive a significant return on its investment.

This week, as we jointly celebrate both Catholic Schools Week and School Choice Week, let’s do what we can to help parents receive the resources they need to make the right school choice for their families.

Visit www.educationmaryland.com for more information and resources so you can be an effective advocate for your child!