Be a Social Media Ambassador for MSS on #GivingTuesday



You’ve heard of Black Friday. And Cyber Monday. Now, there’s even talk of Red Thursday. It is ridiculous how shopping for sales seems to have replaced the birth of Christ as the focus of the Christmas season.

But there is an antidote: #GivingTuesday. Held on the first Tuesday after Black Friday/Cyber Monday (this year it falls on December 1st), #GivingTuesday is a global initiative to put the focus on charitable giving. From the FAQ page at the #GivingTuesday website:

What is #GivingTuesday™?

#GivingTuesday™ (#GT) is a movement created to celebrate giving on the Tuesday
following Cyber Monday. The third annual GivingTuesday is on December 1, 2015. In the
same way that retail sector takes part in Cyber Monday, we want the giving community
to come together for #GivingTuesday. We ask that partners create and commit to a
project for/on #GivingTuesday and then help spread the word to their networks.

What is #GivingTuesday’s mission?
#GivingTuesday™ is a movement that celebrates and encourages charitable activities,
volunteer opportunities and advocacy to support non-profit organizations.

Mother Seton School has joined the #GivingTuesday movement and we’re asking for your help in promoting our school and the #GivingTuesday mission.


Click here to make your gift to the Annual Giving Appeal

With our Annual Appeal now underway, this is the perfect time to remind everyone of the Spirit of Giving that has become part of this season. We invite you to become Social Media Ambassadors and spread the word about giving to Mother Seton School’s Annual Appeal. The Annual Appeal, or Fund, is what allows our school to exist: it provides funds for operating expenses, tuition assistance, facility maintenance, and much more. For more information on what the Annual Appeal is, see our post on the subject here.

We have set a one-day goal of raising $1000 on December 1. No gift is too small–a donation of $1 counts toward the goal and we would be thrilled to have it, especially if it is from someone who is not a regular donor. Will you help us raise $1000 on #GivingTuesday?

Here’s how you can help by being a Social Media Ambassador:

  • Share our Facebook and Twitter updates with your own social media networks. Use the link to direct people where to give.
  • Email your friends and family and ask if they would consider taking a dollar or two of the money they saved when shopping those deep discounts and donating to us.
  • Upload an “UNselfie” to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtags: #UNselfie, #GivingTuesday, and #MSS. What is an UNselfie?


Click here for examples of #UNselfies

To download #UNselfie templates, visit our graphics page.

Watch our Facebook page beginning on Black Friday. We’ll be posting status updates for you to share on your own pages from Friday through Tuesday, December 1. Help us reach our goal by 11:59pm on December 1! With your support, we know we can rock this campaign!

Where in the World is Mother Seton? A look back on her adventures

Last year during Catholic Schools Week, we launched an initiative to send Mother Seton (a flat version, like Flat Stanley) around the world. We sent her to families, friends, alumni–we even sent her to the Pope! She made it to some amazing places and met many wonderful folks. Thanks to Archbishop Lori and the staff at the Baltimore Archdiocese, she was even present at the canonization of the two Popes!

We have been surprised and touched by how many people eagerly participated. It shows us that the legacy of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton truly is far-reaching. Our thanks go out to all of you for the support you’ve given this project–and our school–this past year. Please enjoy this look back on her many adventures!

Please also enjoy our thoughts on being a Community of Faith, Knowledge, and Service, a three-part series in honor of Catholic Schools Week 2015.

8 Social Media Tips for Parents

8-sm-tipsEver hear the saying, “Don’t put down in writing what you wouldn’t want your mother to see“? In today’s digital world, that old adage couldn’t be more true–and we can also add to it. “Don’t put down in writing or take a picture of anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.” Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence and a number of other celebrities, they didn’t adhere to that basic principle and are paying the price now, as intimate photographs of themselves were stolen from their online iCloud accounts and reposted for the world to see.

Some of those celebrities say they had deleted those photos years ago. Which goes to prove the truth behind another wise saying–the internet never forgets.

This unfortunate event provides the perfect opportunity to sit down with your children and teach them about staying safe and making good choices on social media. Below, we’ve provided some tips for you to help your child manage their social media accounts. But first, here’s a quick primer on the major social media platforms:

Facebook: This platform allows the user to connect with other Facebook “friends” throughout the universe, sharing “status” updates and photos, playing games, and instant messaging. You can set strict privacy settings, but they have to be reviewed every now and then to make sure they are still set.

Twitter: This is what they call a “micro-blogging” platform. Users can post thoughts & opinions and share links, but are limited to 140 characters in each “tweet”. You can set their account to private, but it still doesn’t keep your child from viewing all the other content that gets posted.

Instagram: This is a photo-sharing platfrom that seems to be most popular among our students. Again, you can set the account settings to private but it does not stop the user from seeing everyone else’s content. Users upload photos or videos and then others can comment on them.

Tumblr: Another “micro-blogging” platform that allows users to post videos, pictures, links, or short bits of text and easily share with friends or “followers”. It’s a cross between social networking sites and a blog. It’s become more popular than Facebook with teenage users.

Here are 8 social media tips to help you guide your kids through social media safely and wisely:

  1. Browse through the social media sites to get a feel for the content that is posted there. Then decide whether it would be appropriate to set-up an account for your child. Make sure you have their username and passwords for all their accounts.
  2. Set their accounts to “Private” so that they must approve whoever can view their profiles.
  3. Teach them not to accept “friend” or “follower” requests from people they don’t know.
  4. Never allow them to post any personal information, including their address, email, or phone number. For an extra layer of security, don’t allow them to use their last names on their profiles.
  5. Create an account on any social media site your child is on so that you can monitor what is being posted by and about them.
  6. Use this rule of thumb before posting: Is it true, helpful, neccesary, inspiring, or kind?
  7. Limit their social media time the way you limit their screen time or gaming time.
  8. Explain to them that anything you put on the internet, no matter how private, can be “hacked” or stolen and distributed without their permission, or even viewed by potential employers.

You may not be able to control every aspect of your child’s online presence, but teaching them good social media habits from the beginning can go a long way toward keeping them safe in the future.

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Bookmark This! A Parent’s Guide and Tutorial for Twitter

twitter-bird-light-bgsRemember when parents only had to worry about MySpace? Now, there are so many social media options it can be overwhelming. Brendan Schneider, Director of Admissions at Sewickley Academy in Sewickley, PA, put together this great primer about Twitter for parents (or really any Twitter-newbie). It’s well worth the read, and be sure to bookmark it for future reference!